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How do you buy my extra Snoopy things? Easy!

This is a very low-tech website, which should be simple to use. There is no shopping cart to not work with your system or browser. No cookies to track what you buy. I don't put you on a mailing list, nor do I sell your info to spammers. I'm just not that complicated.

Is it safe to buy from some stranger off the Internet? Well, it depends on the stranger :-) My name is Maureen McCarty and I've collected Snoopy most of my life. Many people know me from the Peanuts Collector Club or seeing me at Beaglefest or the Midwest Snoopy Swap or the East Coast Collectors Swap (I've no official affiliation with any of those organizations other than enjoying attending the events). I'm in Freddi Margolin's book "Peanuts The Home Collection" and read the Snoopy mailing lists. I used to sell on eBay (username Snoopygirl) but stopped when they seemed to want just professional retail sellers. I'm just pruning my collection a bit, so do not get new items nor do I buy collections for re-sale.
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ORDERING: Click on the blue "e-mail" paw on any page and your email client should open automatically. As you go through the items (sorted by category on different pages, use the links to navigate) highlight the description of the item you want, copy and paste it into the body of the email. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this into your word processor or text editor and then put it in an email later. Don't forget to say how many if there is more than one (such as yards of fabric). You can also type it out by hand, but that's a lot more work than you need to do. :-) If your email client doesn't open automatically, my email is snoopygirl AT stardust-and-alchemy DOT com (typed out in the normal way, of course). I will hold items aside 2 weeks for payment to arrive; after that it's up for grabs by someone else.

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SHIPPING: If you live in or will be in central Indiana, you are welcome to pick up your item(s) in person to save on shipping.
Send your want-to-buy list to me along with your zipcode or country so I can give you an accurate postage quote. The approximate weight is listed after the cost of the item. USPS is usually better for smaller boxes, UPS is usually better for larger ones. If you'd like an estimate before emailing, see or I strive to give you the cheapest but safest shipping possible, please remember to allow for the weight of your item PLUS the box and shipping materials. I pack well so items arrive safely. Items whose weight is listed at less than one pound (such as flat cards) can be sent first class.

Items not insured are sent at buyer's risk. I can pack it well, and mail it the next day, but sometimes the postal service just does its own thing and I've no control over that. I do add mandatory insurance on some fragile/expensive items. UPS offers the first $100 at no charge.

PAYMENT: In-person transactions are cash only, please. Otherwise you can pay for your Snoopy items via personal check (if it's $50 or less, and it must wait to clear), money order or cash. USPS Money Orders are recommended as they are trackable, safe for all parties (keep your stub!), cheap, and easy to get. I also accept Money Orders from Wal-Mart, grocery stores, convenience marts, etc. where they often sell Western Union or Traveler's Express Money Orders at less than a dollar. Bank money orders or certified checks are fine too, but all non-postal money orders must clear, just like a personal check. For any purchases over $100, I must ask for a postal money order - unless I know you personally :-)

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: My small local bank can't deal with international currencies. You must pay via a bank draft or money order drawn on a US BANK in US DOLLARS, or just mail US cash (registered mail is fine if you feel safer that way - I have no problems signing for it). Canadians: your international postal money orders (the pink ones) are fine, and Japan also has a reciprocal arrangement with the post office to send US dollars.

Why am I selling my Snoopy stuff? Well, part of it is there's only so much room but there is a LOT of Snoopy, so I must thin things out. I also sometimes discover I have 2 or 3 of an item and wonder how that happened (um, too much stuff?) and then set the extras aside for sale. No, I cannot get new merchandise or special order things. I am not a retailer, nor do I shop for re-sale.

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