Neil Gaiman and Charles Vess' Stardust

While gathering a lot of info from my personal collection of Stardust books, many things mentioned or pictured on this site would have not been known had other people not generously shared their time, knowledge, and resources. Bushels of thanks go to Neil, Charles, Michelle, Phyllis Hume, William Ortiz, Andy Heidel, and Kelli Bickman.

Here is a selection of information, links to reviews, interviews, and publishers websites. If you've done an interview about, or a research paper on Stardust and would like me to link to it (or host it here), please drop me an email

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  • Inspired by the book, LUSH has created a fizzy bath ballistic available (so far) only on their UK site.

  • Not limited to Stardust, but lots of Stardust info can be found at the Polish translation of Neil's blog which is the work of Kasia, Varali and Noita.

  • Martyn Drake - of Friends of English Magic - has established a Stardust News page with movie updates and interviews

  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has created a series of scented oils based on Stardust. Proceeds from your purchase benefit the CBLDF, aka the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

  • Visit the William King Regional Arts Center for Stardust Rising, a wonderful exhibit of Vess Stardust original paintings, a mini-studio, and a fantastic Faerie Tree. There are also numerous related events, culminating in a Stardust Festival September 8, 2007. Exhibit ends September 9th, 2007. Do not miss this! You can also see the next 6 paintings (currently in sketch form) that will be in the Stardust Print Suite

  • Along with the film, there will be "schtuff"! No word of plastic action figures available with your fast-food dinner, but there are pretty things such as the Conversations with the Moon statue , various porcelain busts , and a really fine notecard set . I suspect a page added to this site will be forthcoming soon as more "schtuff" appears.

  • Paramount is releasing the movie version Stardust August 10, 2007. Check out the official website

  • The Griffin Theatre in Chicago is currently doing an adaptation of Stardust May 7 - June 26, 2005, and details can be found here on their website

  • There are numerous versions of Stardust out there and unravelling which came first can be tricky. Here's the word, straight from Neil from the FAQ at

    FAQ:Which came first: the comic or the book?
    Neil: The Illustrated novel, with Charles Vess, came first. When it was done, I sent the manuscript to Jennifer Hershey, my editor (then at Avon, now at HarperCollins), with a "this is what I've been doing recently" note, and her reply was "can we publish it"? Its first published form was as four parts from DC, then as the collected hardback from DC, then as an unillustrated hardback from Avon, then as an oversized illustrated paperback from DC, then an unillustrated Paperback from Avon, and then an unillustrated trade paperback from Harper Perennial, and a smaller-sized paperback illustrated edition from DC.

  • R. Andrew Heidel, who was Neil's publicist during the Stardust launch, has a book coming out in early 2005, including an allegorical story based on his experiences at that time. It will be published by PS Publishing, or you can visit Andy's website

  • In 1999 Stardust won the Mythopoeic Award for Best Novel For Adults. Neil's acceptance remarks can be read here

  • InformationBlast has, well... a blast of information.

  • The ever-turbulent world of books-to-flim gives the latest Stardust rumors here

  • Hill House is planning to publish Stardust in their Author Preferred Series

  • What are the chances for an audio version ?

  • Yes, Tori Amos is the coppery tree in the story. You can read how that came about here .

  • And "Here in my head", a Tori site, shares some Stardust info here.

  • What about a sequel? Maybe someday! Neil answers that in his blog

  • Information about the sword Balmung can be found here where there is also a link to more info.

  • What is the relationship between Stardust and Howl's Moving Castle? Find out here.

  • Stardust is recommended by the Young Adult American Library Association .

  • Familiar folk in the Faerie Market: Neil, Charles, Richard Dadd, and Jim Vadeboncoeur of Bud Plant Books Some listed in this journal entry .

  • Soo.... how many dead brothers does Secundus have?
    You can find the story behind the counting snafu here which was fixed in later printings.

  • A silly rumor laid to rest (reprinted here as it pre-dates the permalinks for the blog)
    Thursday, September 13, 2001
    Neil: The strangest recent FAQ submission let me know that it had been "proved on usenet" that Caitlin Kiernan had ghost-written Stardust for me, and did I have any comments? Denying it, I was told, would only demonstrate that I was intent on covering it up. Could I prove they were wrong?
    A puzzler, that, like being asked to prove that you are not an identical clonal double impersonating yourself. So yes, I suppose I could (I wrote the book in longhand, after all).
    But I'd rather admit that Cait wrote Stardust while I was busy fighting crime off-planet. When you're battling Denebian slime-worms, who has time to write? Thank heavens for the Legion of Substitute Neils. Gene Wolfe wrote Neverwhere for me, while the late Ian Fleming wrote American Gods via planchette.

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